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About Infinia ML

Infinia ML was born out of a research lab at Duke University. Our founder, Dr. Lawrence Carin, is one of the world’s leading researchers in machine learning. Dr. Carin founded our company with the goal to apply machine learning to business challenges. We love reading, writing, and publishing the latest machine learning research. But we’re even more passionate about putting theory into practice. We are working to leave a tangible mark on the world and in our industry.

We don’t go for your average company outings — from curling to solving murder mysteries in museums, we always try to keep it light, interesting, and fun.

Infinia ML is a great place to work. Everyone is about teamwork and solving the client’s problems. There’s little ego in any decisions we make.

The company is willing to put time and money into things they say are important. Like putting mental health days into PTO totals while we’re WFH, so people are getting time away from work when they might not be able to take the vacations they wanted to. Or providing stipends for education (conferences, Master’s degrees, online classes, buying books, etc).

The technology stack we use is fairly cutting edge and we have fun new problems to solve. Everyday is different and new.

My favorite part is having customers and revenue and it’s very stable for the age of the company it is.

– Ethan Steinman, Software Engineer

Technical Leadership Team

Ya Xue

VP of Data Science
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Xiangqian Hu

Director of Engineering
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Amberly Rowles-Lawson

Director of Software Operations
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Tech Stack


  • AWS

  • Bamboo

  • Digital Ocean

  • Django

  • Docker

  • Flask

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • Go

  • JavaScript

  • Kubernetes

  • Linux

  • Postgres

  • PostgreSQL
  • Python

  • SQL

  • Tensorflow

  • Vue

What They're Building

Infinia ML uses machine learning to automate document workflows that once required human understanding. For claims, proposals, contracts, and more, the Infinia Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform can:

  • Find and extract key information
  • Organize ideas
  • Standardize phrases
  • Improve internal search

Businesses license the Infinia IDP platform to streamline internal processes and make predictions on the newly-processed documents. Enterprise leaders, technology innovators, and government partners trust Infinia ML on critical projects with sensitive data.

Use cases include:

  • Extracting key data from health claims and procedures
  • Sorting contracts into different categories
  • Standardizing job titles across different companies
  • Finding new opportunities based on documented past successes

The document processing platform works with PDF, IMG, TXT, and other files. The platform applies natural language processing together with other technologies like advanced optical character recognition and custom machine learning. Infinia IDP grasps not only words, but the meaning embedded in a page’s layout and structure.

The initial system output can be text, tables, form fields, and more. Infinia ML data scientists make business-specific adjustments to optimize the platform for each use case.

Seamless deployment occurs via secure Infinia ML cloud with RESTful API or on-premises with Docker/Kubernetes.

After deployment, Infinia ML’s continuous audit solution keeps the system on track. A dashboard and regular reports help maintain performance by flagging data and operational issues.

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