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Infinia ML was born out of a research lab at Duke University. Our founder, Dr. Lawrence Carin, is one of the world’s leading researchers in machine learning. Dr. Carin founded our company with the goal to apply machine learning to business challenges. We love reading, writing, and publishing the latest machine learning research. But we’re even more passionate about putting theory into practice. We are working to leave a tangible mark on the world and in our industry.








We don’t go for your average company outings — from curling to solving murder mysteries in museums, we always try to keep it light, interesting, and fun.

Infinia ML is a great place to work. Everyone is about teamwork and solving the client’s problems. There’s little ego in any decisions we make.

The company is willing to put time and money into things they say are important. Like putting mental health days into PTO totals while we’re WFH, so people are getting time away from work when they might not be able to take the vacations they wanted to. Or providing stipends for education (conferences, Master’s degrees, online classes, buying books, etc).

The technology stack we use is fairly cutting edge and we have fun new problems to solve. Everyday is different and new.

My favorite part is having customers and revenue and it’s very stable for the age of the company it is.

– Ethan Steinman, Software Engineer


Infinia ML creates custom machine learning (ML)-powered applications that enhance the way our clients manage and process their documents. From contracts to invoices to emails, if our client has text data, then we can help them leverage it to create real business impact. We guide our clients through the entire ML process: data analysis, development, deployment, and model monitoring. However, Infinia ML takes a unique approach to our ML model development by using an ever-growing library of tried and true code that helps us build on past knowledge to create accurate ML models faster and more efficiently.

We also combine the best of software and services with the Infinia ML Auditor, a tool to allow our clients to monitor and maintain their models with the long-term support of the Infinia ML team.

Our ML-powered applications create better work in the office and greater insights in the C-suite, enabling organizations to make business impact with machine learning.


Infinia ML HQ is located in Research Triangle Park. Infinia ML is currently operating on a fully remote work model due to COVID-19. When we are operating under normal conditions, Infinia ML has a WFH policy that accommodates appointments, sick days, and other life happenings.

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What to expect when onboarding at Infinia ML?

We lay the groundwork so that any new member of our team can hit the ground running. During the interview process, we provide our candidates with tests that assess their technical ability. Once hired, our engineers meet with a member of each department at Infinia ML so they can better understand how our business works. We set them up with everything they need and brief them on our current projects. From there, they join their assigned project team and it’s off to the races! We take a team approach to our projects which allows our engineers to work closely with one another from day one, fostering an environment where our employees can collaborate, grow, and learn from one another.

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