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Greater DC Metro (DMV)
Founded In 2014

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IronNet is a mission driven company that was built to make a tangible difference and tackle the world’s toughest cybersecurity challenges. They really believe in that tangible difference. “Purpose” is fundamental to their culture, and fits right in with a work-hard, play-hard attitude.
Almost a third of employees rank “slam pong” as a personal hobby with cornhole and foosball coming in a close second and third. They’re the type of company where one moment you’ll be defending a healthcare company against a determined cyber adversary, and the next moment you’ll be debating Star Wars vs. Star Trek over a craft beer.



IronNet is in the business of bringing Collective Defense to enterprises. They’re the cybersecurity solution for big enterprise and cloud networks designed to catch threats that other tools won’t even see. They serve everyone from the defense industry to financial services, healthcare, and energy.

Their core product, IronDefense, is an advanced network behavior analysis platform. It gives businesses and governments a massively-scalable Network Traffic Analysis platform, real-time threat sharing solution, and intuitive dashboard. It provides these key capabilities:

  • Superior Behavioral Detection: Advanced Analytics and AI/ML Detection built by the top cyber SMEs
  • Expert System: Applies the judgment and tradecraft playbooks of the nation’s top cyber defenders
  • Integrated Cyber Hunt: Packet-level visibility that improves speed and depth of investigations

IronDome is their industry-leading Threat Detection and collaboration platform. This collective defense solution links IronDefense instances across peers within a supply-chain, industry, or region and enables security teams to share insights and work together in real-time. The key capabilities include:

  • Visibility Across Enterprise Ecosystems: Real-time machine speed sharing between enterprise peers, large and small
  • Group Level Detection and Correlation: Advanced behavioral analysis at IronDome level enables detection of unknown or stealthy threats
  • Instant Collaboration with Fellow Defenders: Automatically share investigation and analysis outcomes with other participants


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Mike Hans, former VP of Engineering at IronNet, talks about code deployments and the tech stack behind IronNet’s product.


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