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Founded In 2018

Tech Stack

  • Python


When the founders of JupiterOne looked at the market for security solutions, tools existed. Proliferated may be an even better word to describe it. There is a niche tool for nearly every security process or control. As they spoke with potential solutions providers, every solution was complementary to the other. Layers and layers of tools and hubs for answering one simple question: are we compliant and secure?

JupiterOne was built around the notion that complexity is the enemy of security operations and assurance. To combat complexity, organizations need centralized visibility of assets and resources from all of their different platforms, mapping relationships and measuring changes in their environment in a single, searchable repository.


Trusted by industry leaders like Reddit, Databricks, Auth0, and Addepar, JupiterOne is the first software cloud-native security and compliance platform built on a graph data model. It enables companies to create and manage their entire security process from policy creation, to compliance and certifications, to operating a secure cloud infrastructure. It is the platform that enables security in digital transformation. Learn more about the product features.

What tech stack are they building with?

Front End:

  • React
  • D3
  • Material UI / JSS
  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • AWS (S3, CloudFront, Lambda, etc.)
  • GraphQL
  • Terraform


  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • Serverless (AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate)
  • Docker
  • AWS (Neptune, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SQS, S3, Comprehend, etc.)
  • GraphQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • Terraform
  • Gremlin query language
  • Python (data science and machine learning)


Technical Leaders

team member Director Security Engineering
team member Principal Engineer/ Dev Manager

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