💼 AdTech | 🗓️ Founded in 2010 | 💲 Series A | 💵 22,200,000
👥 Unknown Employees | 📍 Fully Remote

About Kevel

Kevel offers the infrastructure APIs needed to quickly build custom ad platforms for sponsored listings, internal promotions, native ads, and more – allowing brands to drive new revenue in a user-first way. 

Kevel is committed to the vision that every online retailer and publisher should be able to add privacy-focused ad revenue streams and take back the Internet from Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other digital monopolies. Customers like Ticketmaster, Yelp, Strava, Mozilla, and many more have already launched successful ad platforms on Kevel. 

Kevel is an engineering-focused API company (~50% of employees are in engineering/product), with a distributed workforce across the US and UK. Being remote-first prepared Kevel well for Covid behavior changes, and they continue to hire 80%+ of their employees outside of Raleigh-Durham, where the HQ is.

Technical Leadership Team

Tech Stack


  • AWS

  • Clojure

What They're Building

Kevel’s award-winning platform handles over three billion API requests each day, and it’s helped industry leaders like Yelp and Ticketmaster shorten their build times by more than 90%.

Check out an explainer for Kevel’s revolutionary platform.

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Mission Statement

Kevel’s vision is that most publishers will want to build user-friendly, privacy-first, in-house ad products, like Amazon and Facebook have done. To date, doing that is difficult, as third-party tools are inadequate, and it could take years to do in-house. That is why Kevel exists: to provide APIs that make it easy to build custom ad platforms for sponsored listings, native ads, internal promotions, and more, thereby driving new revenue and enabling them to take back the Internet from the monopolies that threaten it.