City/Region: Greater DC Metro

Industry: Cybersecurity   

Funding Series: -
Employees: 0-10
Engineers: 0-10
Year Founded: 2019
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About the Company

KeyCaliber’s mission is to advance the capabilities of security programs in a meaningful and cost-effective way. They have years of experience defending networks and quantifying cyber risk so they understand that organizations can be extremely complex, implementing cybersecurity can be immensely challenging, and cyber attackers can be very sophisticated. They are here to make the fight not just manageable but winnable.

Extraordinary products are built by extraordinary teams so the team at KeyCaliber focuses on recruiting and developing amazing talent. They value diversity, individuality, creativity, and teamwork. Their team has a supportive, collaborative environment where everyone’s voice is heard and new ideas are encouraged.

Featured Content

Innovators & Disruptors: The 2020 Tech 25

CEO and Co-Founder, Roselle Safran featured in Washington Life’s Innovators and Disruptors list.

KeyCaliber took home the $20K grand prize at the 2020 Vinetta Project final

Product Description and Tech Stack

KeyCaliber’s technology leverages existing cybersecurity telemetry and advanced data science techniques to automatically identify and classify critical assets, determine the cyber risks and security controls for these assets, and recommend ways to reduce risks and minimize costs associated with these assets.

KeyCaliber brings a new and innovative approach to old procedures. It is a technological shift to automation and machine learning because that is what produces the results that security leaders need to handle today’s challenges.

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Work Policy and Location

Work Policy: Fully Remote

Washington, DC 20003, US