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About Lacework

Lacework was started in 2015 with a group of the most insightful thinkers in cloud security. They developed a concept that cloud security could be provided as an end-to-end experience with better context, more intelligence, and more sophisticated threat detection. Their founding team had a vision for applying machine learning to the behaviors of resources, users, and all activity in the cloud, which would provide a more accurate picture of where actual threats existed. This approach provides its customers with more contextual, accurate data, and alerts.

The Lacework team is focused on giving customers visibility and control over their cloud operations at cloud scale to the monitoring of all activities across all cloud components.

Tech Stack


  • C

  • Go

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • JavaScript
  • Python

  • Ruby

What They're Building

The cloud is increasingly popular for all types of organizations, and that popularity makes it a great target for hackers. Data leaks, account hijacks, cloud server breaches, and other illicit activity is making companies that run workloads in the cloud exposed and vulnerable. Lacework supports them with an automated, comprehensive, security solution for multi-cloud and container environments that helps them maintain control of their business.

The platform includes the following:

  • host-based intrusion detection
  • runtime threat defense
  • file integrity monitoring
  • Kubernetes security
  • anomaly detection
  • configuration compliance
  • account security

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