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About Locomation

Locomation is the world’s first trucking technology platform to combine AI-driven autonomy with driver augmentation. Launched in 2018, their team believes in a trajectory that delivers full vehicle automation by first incorporating human interaction. Their central goals are the total elimination of all truck-involved accidents as well as radically-improved cost efficiencies and economic yield for their clients. Their technology and team are born out of decades of collective experience in cutting-edge AI and autonomous tech. They’re veterans of Carnegie Mellon’s National Robotics Engineering Center where they built autonomous vehicles and AI-driven systems for dozens of applications including commercial and defense projects. Together, the Locomation team includes some of the world’s foremost experts in robotics technology, safety, and artificial intelligence.

Technical Leadership Team

Michael George

Co-founder and VP Engineering
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Tech Stack


  • Python

What They're Building

The team at Locomation is deploying their Autonomous Relay Convoying (ARC) technology into the industry that needs it most—trucking. That means retrofitting trucks with hardware and software for autonomy. Locomation ARC virtually connects two trucks together, keeping an active driver in the lead truck and allowing autonomous technology to operate the follower truck. The lead driver acts as an environmental filter to the autonomy system, greatly reducing the complexity it needs to handle. With the second driver taking mandated rest, twice as much freight volume is transported per driver shift.

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