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About Lynk

Only 10% of the Earth’s surface is served by cell towers, leaving 90% of the planet in “coverage black spots,” otherwise known as “0G”. Mobile coverage is limited by the economics of building and operating traditional ground-based cell towers, making it cost-prohibitive to expand into remote areas lacking coverage.

Lynk solves this problem in partnership with mobile network operators (MNOs) by connecting directly to mobile devices via commercial ‘cell-tower-in-space’ satellites. Anyone who has a mobile phone already in their pocket will now stay connected everywhere, and Lynk gives coverage to the over 1 billion people who currently do not own a mobile phone due to a lack of reliable service.

Check out this interview with Charles Miller, CEO of Lynk, to learn more about the technology:

Technical Leadership Team

Mahmoud Khafagy

Director of Product Management
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Mark Winston

Director, Engineering
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What They're Building

Lynk’s team of mobile and satellite industry experts have patented and proven the fundamental technology that provides satellite-direct-to-standard phone connectivity anywhere on Earth. Lynk is continually building, launching, and testing new generations of satellites equipped to deliver commercial service with faster speeds and continuous coverage.

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Mission Statement

The team at Lynk is on a mission to connect everyone, everywhere. To achieve this mission, Lynk builds, launches, and operates  ‘cell-tower-in-space’ satellites that provide direct-to-standard-phone connectivity with continuous global coverage. Lynk is the world’s only patented, proven, and commercially licensed  satellite-direct-to-standard-phone system that delivers service through its mobile network operator (MNO) partners. Lynk has proven two-way commercial and emergency messaging on all seven continents, and is scaling to provide service at broadband speeds.

Point of Contact

Michael Sebastian

Account Manager
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