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About Partnerbeat

The team at Partnerbeat is on a mission to help customer-facing teams stay on top of their accounts. Today, sales and post-sales teams spend 80%+ of their time in meetings. No one is actually using their CRM…most folks have a secret hacky notebook where they try to manage all the chaos across their customers. It’s hard to stay on top of what’s happening. Important things are forgotten, new teammates struggle to onboard, relationship handoffs fall through the cracks, best practices never get adopted, and relationships get forgotten.

Partnerbeat is solving that with the smartest customer call notebook. Their team is passionate about helping people make the most of their work relationships. Relationships with customers, partners, and internal teams are at the heart of their company. These relationships are created and fostered in meetings and touch points that span across the whole company. It’s how they spend 80%+ of our time. That’s why they’re  rebuilding the meeting experience to help people be more prepared, productive, and dependable in their relationships at work.

Core Values

  1. User-guided
  2. Leave ego behind
  3. Seek truth
  4. Owners mindset
  5. Embrace Difficulty

Technical Leadership Team

What They're Building

Partnerbeat is a fully collaborative customer call notebook that allows sales and post sales teams to make the most out of every touchpoint. It automatically organizes your meeting notes around who you’re meeting with, intelligently provides the relevant context, and allows you and your team members to instantly hop into a call and have a successful meeting.

Company Culture

Join our epic team

We believe everyone deserves to have better relationships with their customers and partners. We’re tackling a massive market as the only end-user-centric platform.

We’re a team of gritty empaths who lean into tough problems.

We leave our ego at the door and take ownership over problems to get worthwhile solutions into the hands of our end users.

We believe in persistent iteration and learn from what users actually do so we can create true value and make their work lives easier.

We’re backed by top venture funds and incredible angel investors who have felt the pain point we’re solving in their own business relationships.

We’re remote first, with the option to work from WeWorks.

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