Patient Premier

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About Patient Premier

Patient Premier, Inc. who’s motto is, “health data in motion”, looks to understand data between office visits to improve health. Their principal focus is on Chronic Pain. They take concepts that are difficult to define and make them quantifiable so they can be tracked and health can be improved.

How have they adapted to COVID-19? Since the team at Patient Premier provides a remote health solution, COVID has increased the need for their product.

Technical Leadership Team

Tech Stack


  • Android

  • AWS

  • HTML5

  • JavaScript

What They're Building

Pain Scored is an application to help patients and physicians manage chronic pain. Chronic Pain affects up to a quarter of Americans, but is poorly measured and then undertreated. The opioid crisis creates a greater need for measuring, monitoring and understanding Pain. The team at Patient Premier allows physicians to better engage with patients and tools to monitor the benefits and harms of pain management.

What tech stack are they building with? PHP backend Api on AWS EC2 server Front end web application in JavaScript/jquery, HTML Front end mobile application iOS and Android

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