💼 eCommerce | 🗓️ Founded in 2019 | 💲 Seed | 💵 $9,000,000
👥 Unknown Employees | 📍 Fully Remote

About Pepper

Pepper is backed by top-tier VCs and led by the team that took Uber Eats from a small experiment to a huge business. If you have purchased anything from a restaurant, grocery store, or a corner store in the last few days it is very likely that those establishments were supplied by a food distributor powered by Pepper. This is a huge opportunity in a $1T industry and they are just getting started. They are working directly with distributors (this is not a marketplace) to move them away from paper, voicemails, and mailed cheques and allow them to run a smarter and more rewarding business.

Their Core Values: The team at Pepper loves building things and making a difference to the world around them. They believe in the power of a diverse team. They operate with high autonomy, and in return expect high accountability to one another.

Tech Stack


  • Graph

  • Postgres
  • Python

  • React

  • React Native

What They're Building

Pepper is building the digital OS for the food supply chain. Their eCommerce platform enables food distributors to find new customers, deepen relationships, grow revenue, and run more efficiently.

Their Tech Stack: Python on the backend, React and React Native on the frontend, and GraphQL to link everything together. They use Postgres as their DB but are mostly language agnostic.

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