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Pilleve‘s mission is to prevent prescription opioid abuse and addiction.

It started with the founders’ experience with abuse and overdose in their families.

They want to use data and predictive analytics to intervene with patients and reduce the risk of addiction.

Their Mission, Vision, and Values are a critical piece of our culture.“We think being in tune with both the professional and personal sides of our team members is important to working and succeeding together so we have check-ins twice a week.

We love our trivia and games and have now moved to weekly virtual games. We still love to stay active (ping pong is obligatory) and eat some good food.” says CTO, Gautam Chebrolu.




Pilleve is a smart pill bottle that connects to a smartphone application. It accurately dispenses and monitors prescription use in real-time.

When a patient needs their prescription, they can use the app to verify themselves and dispense the right amount.

It easily integrates with existing pharmacy workflows. They use the same RX-bottles that everyone is accustomed to. Instead of the traditional cap, pharmacists just use a Pilleve cap and locking sleeve.

Pilleve – How We Work from Yossuf Albanawi


Pilleve’s main office space is at the Halcyon Arts Lab, at the northern edge of Georgetown. It’s a coworking space on the top floor of an old middle school building that is now inhabited by a mix of entrepreneurs and artists. It’s conveniently located in a pretty quiet location but near a Trader Joe’s, a Safeway, and a number of other restaurants that can fulfill your cravings. Pilleve works out of the Arts Lab as a team 5 days a week. Of course, with COVID-19, work has gone remotely and most of their interns are completely virtual. They’re very intentional in making sure that the office space is warm, welcoming, and open. They have a green space complete with astroturf and a tree (beanbag pending), tons of snacks that rotate out based on suggestions and the occasional cake/pastry, artwork created by team members on the walls, a diffuser with a rotating “Scent of the Day”, and are open to customizing the space.

They also have some space at its sister building, Halcyon House, an 18th-century landmark based in Georgetown, a few blocks away from the university. It sits on top of prospect and 34th, overlooking unobstructed views of the Potomac and Rosslyn’s skyline. They sometimes joke that Deloitte wanted to build a zipline between the two buildings to make their consultant’s journey to the entrepreneurs more seamless. Pilleve works out of Halcyon House about once a week but you can see Gautam working after hours there pretty much every day of the week.

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