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About PingThings

PingThings partners with forward thinking utilities to take advantage of a structural shift to artificial intelligence in the energy industry driven by the grid’s growing complexity.

PingThings, Inc., founded in 2014, is the only startup company to ever receive seed funding from GE Ventures. PingThings has been awarded over $8M by the National Science Foundation, ARPA-E, and the Department of Energy based on the strength of their technology.


Technical Leadership Team

What They're Building

The PredictiveGrid™ Platform
An advanced sensor AI platform that is capable of ingesting, storing, accessing, visualizing, analyzing, and learning from high definition sensor data at grid scale. This platform aims to provide utility engineers, industry experts, and academic researchers with the ability to use sensor data to build the data driven grid of the future.

Built with open-source tools to prevent vendor lock-in and benefit from the work of thousands of engineers, the platform uses a novel time series database that gives unprecedented ingestion and querying speeds. The platform also handles data quality, generally a major issue in power grid measurements, which enormously improves the ease of working with the data. Furthermore, the platform is designed to enable the rapid prototyping, implementation and deployment of novel analytics, machine learning, and deep learning applications. Finally, the platform’s convenient APIs and open interfaces encourage innovation while its user-facing applications, like the multiresolution plotter, enable data exploration and the dispersal of results—essential steps in the development of insightful and valuable data use cases.

What are they building with?

The team at PingThings had been focused on figuring out how fast they could process and learn from time-series data. On the infrastructure side everything is “in-house,” so it’s been optimized for speed and scalability. Everything is containerized and orchestrated by Kubernetes. The data science and applications team is working mostly with Python and Go. The front-end team is working with JavaScript and React.

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