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About Quantum Xchange

Founded in 2018, Quantum Xchange has quickly built an enviable reputation as a market-leading provider of quantum-safe products and services. The company is at the forefront of quantum communications in the U.S. by launching the first quantum fiber network; as the only vendor in the world to enable multipoint connectivity and quantum key transmissions across any distance (not limited to 100 km); and the first to provide a complete, key distribution system that supports quantum keys in any format (PQC, QKD, QRNG) for true crypto-agility and quantum readiness. These achievements recently culminated in the company being named to Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2020, #4 in the Security category.

Quantum Xchange is an organization dedicated to problem solving with a passion for physics. As a first-to-market QKD provider in the U.S., the company’s visionary approach to solving the inherent challenges of modern-day encryption using budding technologies based on physics, not math (which has been the tradition), underscores the pioneering spirit that ripples through the organization. While the age of quantum computing is several years away, Quantum Xchange recognized early on that defensive quantum technologies were being largely ignored by technology heavyweights focused on the race for quantum computer supremacy. Again, tapping into its pioneering spirit and passion for problem solving, the company has set out to help save PKI with its complementary, future-proof quantum communications solution and bring quantum encryption to the mainstream long before the threat of quantum computers is a reality.

Quantum Xchange’s early market status, innovative product offering, respected leadership, and role within the burgeoning quantum space has attracted partnerships with established players including ID Quantique and Toshiba. Dr. Whitfield Diffie himself, the inventor of public key cryptography and 2015 Turing Award recipient, has signed on as a company advisor — high praise and ringing endorsement for certain!

Check out this interview with CEO John Prisco on cryptoagility:

Technical Leadership Team

Tech Stack


  • C++

  • Linux

What They're Building

Phio Trusted Xchange (TX) is a first-of-its kind, quantum-safe key distribution system.  It leverages its patent-pending out-of-band key delivery innovation to make traditional keys quantum-safe and supports the delivery of quantum keys in any format (QKD, PQC, QRNG) for true crypto-agility.  Additionally, it is the only solutions capable of overcoming the distance and delivery limitations of QKD.

CEO, John Prisco, presents about Quantum Xchange’s encryption technique that is effectively unbreakable.

John explains how companies can prepare for the quantum threat:

What tech stack are they building with? 

Phio TX runs on the Linux distribution, CentOS version 7 with code written in C++ version 17.  It utilizes the REST API for node-to-node communication with industry-proven front-end modules (libcurl, fastcgi, Nginx).