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Greater DC Metro (DMV)
Founded In 2010

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RackTop was founded by veterans of the U.S. intelligence community who have been solving the most complex data and security problems for more than two decades. Eric Bednash had spent the previous 19 years as an innovator and entrepreneur, designing products and solutions to solve data problems within the DoD Intel and Financial communities. Jonathan Halstuch had over 15-years of experience working for the federal government as an engineer, technologist, and manager.

Together, they pioneered CyberConverged™ data security, which fuses data storage with advanced security and compliance into a single platform. They also built BrickStor, a zero-impact, drop-in replacement for existing network attached storage (NAS) systems. Racktop’s products have been deployed at numerous organizations in a variety of industries worldwide, including government. defense, media, advertising, entertainment, financial services, health care, higher education, and life sciences. 


RackTop combines data storage, security, and management features into a single full stack, scalable, fully encrypted, all flash, hybrid storage platform.

First, there’s Brickstor (that’s the physical appliance). It’s currently the only high performance cyberconverged network attached storage (NAS) you can buy. Cyberconverged storage eliminates gaps and creates a seamless security barrier around data. Then, there’s myRack manager, their modern touch friendly user interface, and Secure GFS, which enables teams to collaborate and share without sacrificing security or compliance.

Together, they allow companies to store data at a lower cost than competitors, eliminate the need for backup software, encrypt data at rest with zero impact to performance, and manage data across any system.


Racktop system’s offices are located at a modern office-building in a convenient, accessible location between Washington DC and Baltimore, MD. They’re within walking distance of a tapas and wine bistro, pubs, cafes, and a Harris Teeter.

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