💼 Healthtech | 🗓️ Founded in 2017 | 💲 Series A | 💵 $22,200,000
👥 Unknown Employees | 📍 Fully Remote

About Sitka

Sitka is a technology platform connecting PCP’s to Board-Certified Specialists asynchronous and synchronous consults via video and text.

What problems are they solving?

Empowering primary care physicians to own more patient care by directly consulting with Specialists versus referring patients out. Cuts back on burden to patient, enables PCP to help direct care and have visibility into totality of their patient care.

What are their Core Values?

Facilitating Community
We believe in coming to work as our whole selves and upholding others to do the same. This spans the gamut from family inclusion, to authenticity and vulnerability, to empathy and deep listening. Building the community we want requires intentional contributions from each individual.

Optimizing for Time
We believe that time is precious, whether measured in kairos or chronos, Eastern or Pacific. The inefficiencies resulting from poor management of time are one of the greatest issues Sitka solves. So, at Sitka, we solve backwards for time. We don’t value time by hours spent at your desk, but by the quality of the time you spend and the quality of the time you ask for from others.

Growing the Collective
We believe in lifelong learning and, in that vein, lifelong teaching. To enable sustainable growth of Sitka, we will each need to learn new skills. Learning new skills individually won’t be enough; we will need to support the growth of others. General curiosity and achievement of expert status in new areas will position us to collectively grow.

Taking Action and Ownership
We believe that our success relies on the dedication of each individual to take initiative and manage a project or question to completion, even when it is outside of the job description. Every Sitkanaut has unique visibility into how we operate and serve our customers and the capability to improve the current state.

Ensuring Quality
We believe that providers and patients deserve premium products and services that strictly improve care. Sitka aims to offer premium products that are delightful and considered high quality by all stakeholders. We must aim to reflect this quality in everything we do—from our user interface, to SMA specialist responses, to security procedures. We must continually assess the quality of our work product and processes to deliver on our vision.

Fostering Trust
We believe that establishing trust is core to what we do and allows us to effectively work together as a team, ensure collaborative relationships with our clients, and build a platform physicians want to use for their patients. To deliver on our mission, we must continually ask ourselves what we might do to foster trust with our team, our colleague, our client, or our specialist.

Technical Leadership Team

Edwin Miller

Chief Product Officer
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Tech Stack


  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Node.JS

  • PostgreSQL
  • Python

  • React

  • Typescript

What They're Building

What Tech Stack are they building with?

Infrastructure: AWS/Docker/Postgres
Backend: Python with SQLAlchemy and some Node.js, Thrift for RPC
Frontend: React with Typescript

Company Culture

Sitka is a female founded and led company. Joining their team provides the opportunity to become part of a small engineering team, help define the culture, form the team, and build the tech stack.

Hear from an engineer at Sitka as they share what it’s like to be part of the technical team.

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Remote Work Policy

Their company has always been remote first. With a team that is spread across the United States, they will continue to promote a remote first culture! The team at Sitka tries to gather in person annually (when permitted) to bond, share time together, etc.

Diversity and Inclusion

Everyday the team at Sitka unites from different zip codes. They acknowledge and harness their differences to collaborate and create a company they all believe in—not only who they are but what they build.

They measure diversity in many ways, from what their team looks like on their company-wide Zoom calls, to the experience and perspectives they bring to the table, to the providers and patients they humbly serve. As they grow, they will continue to track and prioritize their greatest strength, the unique tapestry that is the Sitka team.

While they view diversity as foundational to who they are, they also believe that diversity is only as good as the culture of inclusion it sits within. To Sitka, inclusion is where team members can come to work as their whole selves, together, in a way that invites differing opinions and innovation while fostering collaboration and better outcomes. For this reason, their team invests time to create space to celebrate personal and professional individuality. They take deep pride in the work environment they have built, and are committed to sustaining what it means to be included in the Sitka family.