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About Smerf

The engineering team:

Developers at Smerf are working on a number of problems in the massively growing gaming industry. These include making a secure and safe space for kids in the online gaming world, helping small and mid-level content creators to build their communities, and detoxifying online gaming.

The team holds Daily Slack Scrums, Weekly Planning meetings, and Weekly Demos.

The Interview Process:

  • Phone screen interview: This interview includes a small code challenge
  • Tech interview: This interview includes tech culture questions and technical questions to assess the candidate’s job/level fit
  • Culture Interview: This interview includes a mix of technical and non-technical team members to give the interviewee a chance to meet and ask questions for the greater team

Company Core Values:

  • Everyone is Welcome: We are an inclusive, multi-demographic community celebrating the last 50 years of gaming and everything that comes next. From the casual, to the hardcore, from the young to the experienced.
  • Your Voice Matters: Our communities know their feedback impacts what we do with our platform. Everything we do allows them a frictionless way to reach us wherever they happen to be.
  • We’re Here for You: We deliver consistent experiences that our communities value and refined every element of the journey to enable world class service and support.
  • Fueled by Fun: We approach everything we do with the intent to bring a smile to the faces of our communities through playfulness and humor; we create interesting moments for fans to discover.

Technical Leadership Team

Ben Pyser

Co-founder and CTO
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Tech Stack


  • AWS

  • AWS Lambda

  • MySQL

  • Node.JS

  • React

  • Typescript

What They're Building

Smerf is a social platform that helps people find and create communities of like minded gamers.

Today’s multiplayer gaming experience is frustrating. Many gamers are having trouble finding great teammates. Far too often, gamers jump in and out of dozens of games without finding new friends. Smerf creates happier, more satisfied gamers by working to dissolve toxicity, build community, and positively facilitate friendships.

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Mission Statement

Smerf is a company for gamers, by gamers on a mission to fix some of the core issues in the gaming community. Have you ever been flamed in-game for simply being yourself or had too few friends online to round out a squad? Ever dreamed that the things you do in-game had more connectivity to your communities and events outside of the game? These are just some of the many problems that Smerf is solving and we need you to help make this dream a reality.