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Socially Determined

Greater DC Metro (DMV)
Founded In 2017

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Socially Determined is the leading risk intelligence company focused on social determinants of health. SocialScape®, their SaaS platform, uses proprietary data science to create powerful risk indices derived from hundreds of data sources. These indices are fused with the enterprise data of their customers to create deep insights into the contours of risk, enabling data-driven decision-making. Their mission-focused team of clinicians, data scientists, engineers, and consultants are finding root causes of health inequities and working hand-in-hand with clients to interpret findings and design meaningful interventions. Their work directly impacts the lives of real people across the country.


SocialScape, a cloud-based data and analytics platform, delivers insight around who is exposed to social risk, what that social risk is and the impact it has to your healthcare enterprise. SocialScape’s purpose-built analytic framework quantifies the impact social risk has on utilization, cost, and outcomes—for your entire population. Measure the financial and clinical impact of social risk and create groups of interest where interventions can drive measurable results. The framework analyzes your population and market based on clinical, social, and location-based factors.

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Socially Determined

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