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About Stardog

Stardog’s three founders, Kendall Clark, Mike Grove, and Evren Sirin, started pursuing this data-driven mission after meeting at the University of Maryland AI Lab. Soon after, Stardog was founded on the vision of making data usable and accessible. That starts with breaking the cycle of repeatedly copying and transforming data for each new project an enterprise takes on. If you want to drive growth and innovation in today’s complex world of never-ending data capture, you can’t be bogged down with rigid data structures. You’ve got to let your data flow.

Stardog is rapidly growing and is currently 60+ employees and currently impacts some of the largest enterprises in the world in finance, healthcare, life sciences, energy, media, and government.

Technical Leadership Team

Michael Grove

Founder, SVP Engineering & Product
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Rob Harris

VP of of Product Management
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Tech Stack


  • C++

  • Electron

  • Java

  • Kubernetes

  • React

  • React Redux

  • Typescript

What They're Building

Stardog is a Knowledge Graph Platform designed to connect and query data of any structure. Knowledge graphs are built to represent real-world entities and their complex relationships with one another. Compared to the rigidity of a relational database structure, a knowledge graph can maintain multiple points of view simultaneously. Stardog accesses data with connectors to all major SQL systems and the most popular NoSQL databases. In addition, our BITES pipeline extracts concepts from unstructured data like research papers, resumes, and regulatory documents, further enriching the knowledge graph. Access unified data via API or connect to analytics platforms using our BI/SQL Server.

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