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Territory Foods

Greater DC Metro (DMV)
Founded In 2011

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Territory Foods is on a mission to help you experience that incredible feeling when you eat and move better. They pride themselves on local, seasonal & constantly evolving menu offerings to fuel your life. They think your taste buds are made happiest by food that’s crafted close by, in smaller batches by multiple chefs interpreting great recipes. And happy taste buds from responsibly sourced food that’s also really good for you means performing better – a beautiful thing whether in body, mind or both. So instead of stamping out huge quantities of meals from a giant kitchen somewhere and trucking them all over, they’re working with talented local chefs to bring you a great variety of tasty prepared meals, cooking styles and other food goodies. All brought to you in the simplest, effort-free way they can think of under the guiding principles of transparency, sustainability, and philanthropy. They offer easy menu customization in line with food that optimizes you. Whether you eat paleo, Whole 30, are a new or expecting mom, eat to specific macro ratios, vegetarian, mediterranean, or a little bit of everything – they have something you’ll enjoy!


Territory Foods provides a platform for the next generation of wellness, focused on the hardest problem — personalized nutrition. They sell fresh food for Food Tribes (representing 39% of the U.S. population, including whole30, gluten-free, paleo, ketogenic, vegan, and vegetarian).

They offer their product through direct-to-consumer ecommerce at local pickup spots (think yoga, cycling and CrossFit studios), as well as tech-enabled vending machines.

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