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Thresher is the result of a collaboration between a team of data scientists from Harvard, including the director of Harvard’s Institute of Quantitative Social Science, and a former US government intelligence officer who understands the needs of experts conducting high stakes analysis.

Thresher offers tools for expert analysts to extract meaning from unstructured data in any language—guided by the principle that combining what computers do best with what experts do best creates powerful value. They use proprietary data, creative solutions, and cutting-edge methodologies to provide unique value to clients. They empower each of their team members to make decisions and build solutions, continually innovating and driving a path forward.

Thresher employees have collaborated to craft their company’s values and develop a strong, interconnected office culture, despite being a remote workforce. They prioritize truth, honesty, and integrity in their interactions and products. They embrace their responsibilities to each other, their clients, and their communities. They take time out from daily tasks to connect with each other, having virtual coffee, playing online games, meeting in person each quarter (when not prevented by pandemics), and sharing their knowledge and interests.

New members of the team quickly become responsible for substantial and interesting work after a short session of administrative onboarding. Team leaders and peer mentors help connect new members to Thresher’s mission, introducing them to all other team members and helping them understand how their individual role fits into the company’s array of products and services.

How is Thresher’s Team Adapting to COVID? 

Since their team was already distributed, they were able to adjust to pandemic conditions and quarantine without many large adjustments to the workplace or personnel needs. They canceled their normal in-person meetings to ensure all employees could minimize exposure and remain safe, and provide time off for sick employees or family members as needed.


Thresher’s product, QuickCode, creates labeled text data for artificial intelligence applications and machine learning. QuickCode uses a unique, patented, human-in-the loop method that helps analysts, subject-matter experts, and data scientists label text data in a fraction of the time as compared to hand-labeling—minutes versus hours or days. It is language agnostic and can be used with all sizes of text—from Tweet length to 50+ page documents.

How has COVID Impacted Thresher’s Product? 

Thresher provides signal in large datasets and helps undercover hidden insights. Several of their products and services have been very useful to both government and commercial clients during the pandemic. Because of client demand for tools that will help them process data and combat misinformation, Thresher’s team continued to grow during this challenging time, adding new contracts, clients, and team members.

Thresher was proud to answer the White House’s call for tech companies to support data science research into COVID-19 solutions and risk factors. They offered QuickCode accounts free of charge to those conducting COVID research.


Thresher is anchored in the Washington, DC, metro area, but is a completely remote, distributed company, with members working around the US and abroad—currently including in Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Utah, California, and Cyprus.

Even though they’re an all-remote company, they highly value collaboration, connection, and fun together. Each week they take time out for social “donuts;” each month they do internal knowledge-sharing talks and team building activities; and three times per year, they meet for a week of in-person meetings, a session that includes a chance to meet and work face-to-face, do service projects and take interesting tours, play poker nights and Apples to Apples, and eat dumplings and cake.

Sophisticated engineering is the backbone of Thresher technology. Their team of engineers design, architect, and deliver the systems needed to support M3’s curated data feed. A regular day in the life of a Thresher engineer will vary, as each works to creatively and efficiently deliver high-quality solutions through the full lifecycle of modern software development.

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