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Truebill is on a mission to meaningfully improve the financial lives of millions of people. That mission started years ago when Haroon Moktarzada, one of its founders, realized that he’d been paying for a security system on a house he had long moved out of.  He and his brothers, who are serial entrepreneurs (whose last company was bought by vistaprint for $117M) realized this as a problem plaguing many people. They got to work building an algorithm that could scan bank and credit card statements to automatically identify recurring subscriptions.

Fast forward a few years and the Moktarzada brothers have evolved Truebill from a company that helps people monitor recurring expenses to one of the leading personal financial management platforms on the market.


Truebill, the leading personal finance app, serves as an all-in-one financial control center that gives people true visibility and control over their money. Spend tracking, budgeting,  smart saving accounts, credit monitoring, cancelling subscriptions, negotiating bills – there is a reason millions have chosen Truebill to help them on their path towards a healthier financial future.

Check out the app on the IOS app store here.


COVID Location Update: Truebill’s team is currently working remotely, for the foreseeable future. As the situation improves, they hope to have their offices open in limited capacity. Coming in would be voluntary.

Truebill is headquartered in the DC Metro area, close to the Fillmore and Silver Spring metro station. Their location gives them all the benefits of DC, while helping them avoid DC traffic. They also have offices in Silver Spring, San Francisco, and New York.

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